922 HELP The New Way to Help

Will be Available on IOS and Android

One App - Two Services

Fine Tuned Local Assistance and Help Mobile Application

- 922 HELP App is FREE to the user

- 922 HELP's goal is to connect the person in urgent need with a wide array of on-call local assistance within a selectable radius.

- 922 HELP can locate professional paid services and volunteer help

- 922 HELP reduces time and costs

- 922 HELP enables fully secured customer payments when applicable

How it Works

  • 1
    Pick a service
  • 2
    Find Pros Nearby
  • 3
    Pros Are Notified
  • 4
    Pros Accept the Job
  • 4
    Pros GPS Location is Tracked
  • 4
    Pros get paid via 922 HELP App

922 HELP App Key Features
It is FREE for everyone to use !

Everyday life urgencies handled within one portal.

922 HELP App will cater to a wide array of services from home-related services to basic help needs.

Immediate response from available service providers.

922 HELP's goal is to encourage service providers and volunteers that have made themselves available to provide a fast, efficient and safe service.

Track the service providers position.

922 HELP users will be able to track the service provider's GPS location once the request is accepted, eliminating anxiety from the process.

Chat with service providor.

Before making a decision, whether or not 922 HELP user wishes to accept the help from a service provider, we have given the user and providers a full blown chat functionality. Hence user makes a confident decision.

Create a circle of trusted service providers.

Develop your own circle of preferred providers and volunteer helpers

Vetting of service providers.

922 HELP services will be vetting all the service providers willing to register with the app. They all should be insured and bonded.

Management and Leadership

Along with our full blown mobile App development team. Here are the two key members of our team.

Gordon Tremain

Founder, CEO

He is a true serial entrepreneur and helps to transform small to medium scale businesses into large corporate enterprises. He is a former founder of Uniserve Communications Inc. - one of B.C. first and most successful ISPs - with extensive Internet and M&A syndication experience as well as various eCommerce and business activities over a 35+ year span. One of Mr. Tremain's career highlights is building Uniserve into one of Canada's largest ISPs, starting with no revenues and then growing it to a material size. Uniserve was an Internet Service Provider which started out in his computer store back in 1988 which then became a Bulletin Board System which then became Uniserve Online which he took public in 1995.He also has a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit, inventing, patent law, establishing overseas factories, setting up sales & marketing, and a keen sense for technology and its applications. He has created 922 HELP because of his own experiences and need for local market and immediate areas services

Paul Lehal

CTO, Director

He is a knowledgeable and comprehensive technical developer that has many years of building software, Web sites and mobile APP. Paul is responsible for the overall design and build-out of the 922 HELP App.

Growth Potential is Enormous

* Release more functionality each month

*Monitor and update to increase downloads.

*Integrate backend ad server to funnel traffic to the networks with the highest payouts.

*Release 922 HELP App on Amazon.

*Add localizations for other Tier 1 countries. Ads served in other countries have always done well. Adding localizations in those countries would further increase downloads and revenue.

*More direct deals with advertisers.

*Start an affiliate partnership with local market service companies and get a percentage of the money earned from every user they send to us. Ads will only be integrated in a portion of the App. Adding them across more areas will increase the revenue potential.

Discussion Points

Monetization Model

The monetization model is largely member and advertising based, along with donations/sponsorships. Users of the basic 922 HELP App will have access for free with ads, with ads served at several locations including when the App is launched, paused or a session ends.

Ad Networks Which Will Be Used

922 HELP will use Company will use a variety of material ad networks including: (a) primary ad network - Chartboost, Applovin, Playhaven and Mobile Core; and (b) secondary ad network - Vungle, Mopub, Admob, Revmob, AdColony and Startapp.

Marketing: Low-Cost, but Effective

100% proprietary App store optimization gives a high ranking to new releases and is highly efficient. 922 HELP's sophisticated, low cost advertising approach using social media will be a major competitive advantage.

Wide Range Of Urgencies Will Be Handled With 922 HELP App

Chimney Repair
Window Cleaning
Electrical Appliances
Pest Control
Vehicle Breakdown
More items to be added with time

922 HELP App Benefits for Services Providers/Vendors

Our goal is to simplify the process of finding clients for you, to provide you with regular work and great deals.

We Have Made It Easy For You To Develop A Circle Of Friends To Help You In Your Time Of Need.

Now you only need to think about the actual work as we have made finding work for you as easy as it can get


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