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922 Help Services Inc. is a fined-tuned APP development firm, which is in the process of building, scaling & delivering its mobile Local Assistance and Help APP ("922 HELP APP") over the next 6-12 months. The Company in 2016 started to design and create its 922 HELP APP. Our 922 HELP APP fully integrates service/help and assistance requests by APP users and service providers, enables fully secure customer payments (when needed), and tracks uses and assistance performance all in a single APP. Our 922 HELP APP reduces the time and costs for our 922 HELP APP users getting local help (i.e., within a selectable radius from a user's request) in the local marketplace via an interactive and multi-media APP solution. Our planned deployment will be on iOS and Android platforms. Our 922 HELP APP will generate monthly or annual revenues via memberships. Our 922 HELP APP will utilize the leading mobile, location and multi-media smart phone interfaces to give users a robust experience.


We plan to generate revenues of about C$2,000,000 with unadjusted profits of around C$500,000 in 2019, while organically generating more than 4.0+ million worldwide downloads. Our 922 HELP APP has material upside through also linking service providers and advertising. 9HC plans to expand its core local help/assistance business through strategic complimentary functionality (real-time tracking and deliveries) by releasing a steady stream of new functionality. A key component of the business model is to keep the cost of the 922 HELP APP in the C$50 range per year. With tight cost controls in place, each and every functional release will produce profits and continue to gain new users.

Management has a two-pronged strategic model is to build long-term value through a portfolio of assistance/help APP functionality while implementing a responsible geographic and location-specific functional growth strategy. Management has already identified numerous multi-sector additional functions (like deliveries) that could grow revenues and profits materially in the next twenty-four plus months


The principal assets are: (1) designs and functional framework and alpha application models; (2) plans to complete the beta development of the 922 HELP APP in the next six months; (3) efforts to add complimentary functionality that builds around localized assistance and help; (4) robust fully integrated, secure, backend payment and processing system; and a (5) fully-integrated advertising linkage capability.


The local services marketplace – like courier and related services market is enormous on a global scale – approaching US$100 billion. The local delivery and last mile delivery market is more than US$18 billion and requires the most innovative, flexible and cost effective solutions (Source: TechNavio, 2016). At the same time, TechNavio's analysts forecast the local services market in the U.S. from 2017 to 2021 to grow at a CAGR of 20%+ over the period.

With mobile AD spend also growing at a compounded annual rate of 30%+/year and the fact that most APPs are still owned by a large and fragmented group of entrepreneurs 922 HELP management has conviction that the opportunity is now for a public local services assistance APP.

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